Free Means Free. Not Kinda, Sorta, with Strings.

I admit I’m on too many email lists. Periodically I try to pare them down. But meanwhile any email fad or cliche that crops up becomes almost unbearable before it subsides.

Right now the fad for giving away things to get new email list subscribers has morphed into emailing your Internet Marketing list, claiming to offer something free when really you are trying to get your subscribers to go sign up for someone else’s list in order to get something free.

I don’t need anything free, but I must admit that I tend to stay on lists where the list owner now and then gives actual, useful free info or software. As Robert Plank says, the information itself ought to be enough of a gift, and I agree.

Meanwhile I unsubscribe from every single bozo who claims to be giving me something “free” but sends me to someone else’s website to sign up for it.

So there!

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