Don’t Bribe Me to Sign a List I’m Already On!

OK, marketers, what are you trying to do? You send me an email, saying “Here’s a gift to thank you for being a loyal subscriber. Click this link to download your gift.”

So I click the link and arrive at a subscription form. If I’m already on your list, why do I have to resubscribe? That’s annoying, for obvious reasons.

But I do it. And what do I get? An error message, saying that I am already subscribed to that list.

What’s wrong with this picture? Several things, but from the marketer’s point of view, besides the obvious annoyance to the customers, there’s this: The smarter customers will simply a different email address to resubscribe—planning to unsub later.

So your list is artificially expanded—with duplicate subscriptions—which cost you extra money of you use or a similar premium-quality autoresponder service. 

In case you are wondering, not all marketers do it that way. Surely you’ve noticed. If not, you need to pay more attention to details. 

Unless you like wasting money and annoying potential customers.

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