Check Your Links, Please!

It is amazing how many marketers put up web sites with broken links. Don’t they care how much that hurts their credibility and annoys their customers?

Please do not expect me to agree to your terms of service if I cannot read them because the link does not work. I won’t do it.

And if you think it is all right to have a product download link that does not work, think again! It makes you look incompetent or lazy at best. At worst, to a tired (Remember how you promised I could download your product at 3 AM?) customer who may have been ripped off in the past, it looks shady.

A couple of my first purchases of Internet marketing products were botched. I never got the product or my money. I’m sure others have experienced the same ripoffs. It makes us suspicious and cranky!

And no, I do not think I should have to track down your support department and put in a ticket to receive my purchase. In some cases, support departments have no link from a main web page. You just have to know what to type in as a URL. That is unacceptable—and also a separate snark topic.

So if your links are faulty, and your customers are cranky about it, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Test everything. Often. And make it easy for customers to find you when (not if) a link does not work.

Because word does get around. Customers do remember who is nice to do business with—and who isn’t. And we tell our friends.

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