Robust, Configurable SEO Shopping Carts from AscenderCart

To successfully sell goods on line, you need a robust and easily configurable shopping cart. There are many choices.

Generally you get what you pay for—if you can figure out what you need. But price does not always guarantee the best quality. You need to know what to look for.

I have looked at quite a few shopping carts for clients. They generally fall into two groups: free or cheap but very limited, or very, very expensive.

Most do not seem to have considered SEO. They may generate pages that the search engines (and customers) will ignore. But this one is different.

SEO Shopping Cart looks like a good shopping cart solution that almost any business can afford. Prices are $35, $125 or $250 a month, depending on your business needs. All three levels offer these Shopping Cart Features:

    Custom keyword-rich URLs (not those junky-looking gibberish strings some shopping carts create)
    Custom image ALT attributes (great for SEO)
    Custom Page Titles (very important for customers to bookmark potential purchases while shopping)
    Custom Anchor Text
    Breadcrumbs (for customer convenience)
    Custom Header H1 Tags
    Configurable META Keywords
    Configurable MEATA Descriptions
    No Duplicate Content (because this system prevents it!)
    301 Redirection
    XML Sitemaps generated automatically every night

The two higher levels also feature dedicated product review pages with Add to Cart buttons.



Ascender Cart is so confident that their SEO Shopping Cart is the MUST HAVE shopping card that they will give you a FREE SEO training manual.

This looks like a deal to me. What do you think?

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