10 Webinar Pitfalls for Marketers and How to Avoid Them

Webinars are the current darling of Internet Marketers. There is a lot of hoopla out there right now about how easy webinars are and what big sales they make.

Courses encourage marketers to just get on line and blather—and record the webinar blather to sell as a product. It just is not that simple.

Some people should not do webinars. They just are not good at them and never will be. You have to be a reasonably good speaker with a decent voice and presentation to make webinars work for you.

Remember, so-called free webinars are not totally free. They still cost attendees time, and time is money. Respect your listeners by being prepared.

If done wrong, webinars can really tick off customers. I experienced one today that was classically bad.

To save you from annoying your customers, here are some pitfalls and guidelines:

1. Be prepared. I just attended the worst webinar ever—for a product I’ve already bought. The presenter did not really know how to use the product!

2. Organize your presentation. Plan your presentation carefully and present it in the order in which a new user would need to learn. Do not just jump around as thoughts occur to you. Extemporizing is not good in a webinar.

3. Rehearse your presentation beforehand. Do not just wing it. Even if you made an outline and organized your material, you still need to practice before an audience unless you are a master at webinars…and maybe even then.

4. Use good equipment, and test it in advance. I am sick of webinars with horrible sound. Cheap headphones, cell phones, noisy environments, bad VOIP all can be a problem—and adding two or more together compounds the problem.

5. Make sure you have a decent voice for audio. Today’s webinar presenter droned on in a monotone voice that sounded computer generated. It was *awful*! Believe it or not, a really bad voice and presentation makes it hard to focus enough to even understand the words.

6. Strong accents combined with poor sound can be deadly. The odd pronunciations of the (apparently) Eastern European software developer today were not cute. Combined with poor sound, they made him impossible to understand.

He just should not do webinars for an American audience—even to answer questions. What’s the point if you can’t understand what he’s saying.

Note: I have studied five languages, love listening to foreign accents, and over the years have enjoyed worked with people from over 20 nations on five continents.

7. Don’t let your ego run away with you. You are not a rock star. Your jokes are not that funny, and we do not care about your personal life. Stick to the topic!

8. Have a specific subject, and stick to it. You offered a topic. That is what people signed up for. Do not impose on their time and attention by talking about other things—whether sports, celebrities, or other products you have to sell.

9. Start on time. Just because you and your buddies are present and blathering to each other, that does not mean the webinar has started.

10. Give good value for the time expended. Do not waste attendees’ time and patience. Deliver on what you promised in the webinar invitation.

If you are selling a product, wait till near the end, and do not overhype it. Tell the truth. It pays off in the long run.

You are in business for the long haul aren’t you? If so. do good webinars that make attendees want to hear more from you. Bad webinars create bad feelings.

So there!

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