Why Snark About Marketing?

Why snark about marketing, you may ask? Well, as a customer, I find that the little annoyances (as well as the big ones) add up. Some of these marketing gaffes are so annoying that I carefully avoid certain marketers and their products. Who needs the aggravation?

I kept wondering why so many marketers, on line and off, cannot see how annoying some of their practices are and how much they alienate customers. Sometimes I contact vendors directly. I figure I’m doing them a favor. Other times, I just let it go. After all, there are plenty of other vendors to buy from. 

Remember, success is not measured how much traffic you get. Success is measured by net profit. And that is mainly determined by how many people you get to buy your products and by how many customers you get to return and buy more

Repeat customers are much more profitable. Needless to say, ticking off your buyers (or potential buyers) not a good way to create loyal customers. And I found so many little things ticking me off as a customer that I finally decided to blog about it. 

Not that you would do make of those annoying marketing gaffes… But it seems sometimes that people are so close to their own business, especially Internet marketers, that they just don’t see how annoying some of their practices are to customers.

So here they are: Pet peeves of buyers (or potential buyers) and things to avoid to keep from losing customers you could have otherwise kept.

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