Who Designs Book Covers, Movie Posters, DVD Covers and Such?

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David wrote:

Who designs book covers, movie posters, movie dvd covers and stuff like that? Is it a graphic designer? I’m not sure what the job is called. Also, does he do it himself or just give ideas and sketches?

Marketing Snark answers:

They are designed by Graphic Designers or Graphic Artists. Usually, the Graphic Artist has to be able to read what the customer is trying to say as far as what he is expecting from the design.

You have to input ideas and see if you are on the right track. Sometimes, the person has no clue on how to express what he is looking for. What you need to do is look at the product and the market for that type of product, and design something that is not only attractive but appealing to that particular audience—the potential buyers of that particular product.

Find out what type of book it is: nonfiction, romance, action, suspense, mystery, western, scifi. Who is the target audience? Then go look at the designs for similar products. A design that would attract cozy mystery readers, for example, would turn off readers of action novels.

Then, you design two or three different versions for the person to choose from and tweak it from that point. You may also need to be able point to the results of your research to sell your design.

In rare cases, you may have to come up with a list of questions to make the customer think about that it is they are looking for. And then you may have to create some totally different designs on the basis of the answers to those questions.

That is why you need to really listen, ask the right questions, and do your research up front.

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