Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I was reading the newspaper on-line using my clear internet the other day and read about the trial of George Hugely that was going on. I felt terrible, but had forgotten about the trial and the murder of Yeardly Love. She was a senior at University of Virginia who played on the lacrosse team. Three years ago now, she was killed in her apartment by her on again off again boyfriend, George Hugely. The corner said that she was killed by blunt force trauma. They immediately picked her on again off again boyfriend up and found out the two had been fighting and he had slammed her up against the wall. He left her there and put her in her bed, making it look like she had just died in the bed. I know that he is facing a big sentence. There is no denying that he did that, just that the defense is arguing that he didn’t intend to kill her. It is really a sad situation. Yeardly’s young life was cut way too short and this young man will probably be spending the rest of his life in prison. I really hate to hear stories like this.

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