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My husband and I were living the best part of our lives in our early twenties. We made such adult like decisions at early ages such as getting married and living on our own, it brought on many opportunities for us to discuss ways to save money. I was in constant worry wandering how we were going to pay everything and have the luxury of having “extras”. I began to calculate money and where our money would go each month. As the calculations grew I realized we have the greatest T.V package for the both of us, we could really cut down on our usage of T.V. Quickly my husband had a murmur to make “what about my sport channels, and your soap operas”? I began to get online as I looked around I found a link to directv deals. I looked at him as if I had found the answer and he looked at me like you have always had a way. The expense of living kept getting hire but we made decisions such as this one to help cut down on the cost.

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