Why Choose a Publisher over Self-Publishing?

Hundreds of aspiring authors are on a hunt for a publishing company that will change their destiny. Getting a book published isn’t an easy thing. While some writers prefer to do the job themselves, others look out for renowned publishing houses.

If you are thinking of searching for a printer, negotiating a deal with him, and taking care of the distribution part all by yourself, it won’t be a pleasing experience at all. You can however save yourself from these hassles by contacting a reputed publishing house.

There are various hidden benefits of approaching a professional publishing company. Let’s go through some of these:

Market Knowledge

No matter how deeply you have studied the market, a publisher will always be ahead of you. The market is not always the same. The fashion of reading and style of writing changes over the time, which publishers are aware of. With the experience and knowledge, he will launch your book in the best-suited market and at the most appropriate time.


A lot of things can go wrong in publishing. Being an author, you might not be aware of these pitfalls. This can pose a threat to the success of your self-publishing venture. A publisher having spent years in the industry will be aware of the possible hurdles in the process. His estimation about how many copies to be printed initially and the best time to launch the book will never go wrong.


A major portion of success of your book depends on its distribution. Best book publishing house  is the one who has relationships with bookstores and wholesalers, which will provide maximum circulation and exposure to your book.

Your Success is Their Success

After you, it will be the publisher who would get maximum benefit from the success of the book. One of the benefits of partnering with a reputed publishing company is the limelight an author gets. Some of the renowned publishers organize book signing and launch events for writers, which in itself is a big thing.


At times, a writer is so much in love with his writing that he hardly sees any error in it. Publisher acts as a rescuer and deploys a team or a single person to take care of the editing part. And that is why you see almost all the books with a Thank You note for the editor.

Designing the Book Cover

We know that an appealing cover can hugely impact book sales. Reputed publishing companies have a team of designers who will come up with attractive design ideas for your book.

Getting the Book Reviewed

There are high chances of your book getting lost in the herd, if nobody is talking about it. One of the biggest challenges for self-published authors is to get their books reviewed. They have to establish relationship with press agencies, magazines, online journals, and review experts & convince them to write something about the book. A reputed publishing house has some of the big names in its contacts list. These journalists, agencies, and reviewers will read your book and share their opinion with everyone.

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