To Publish a Book

How great is it to sit down and write a book, whether it is a fictional novel or a how to do a certain thing book. The feeling of achievement is very high and the actual writing is very enjoyable especially when you are on a roll and it is flowing. The time factor is not a worry either, it might only take you a month or it might take you a year but the end result is the same, a very satisfying feeling.

The next step is the one that hits you like a heavyweight punch, for you have to deal with the P word.

You want your book to be available to the public and to do that you have got to get it Published. If you have tried this then you will probably know that it is pretty much impossible, no matter how good your work is to get it out there for the public to see is no easy task. For the P world is like a closed shop and an unknown writer very rarely gets anywhere, that has been my experience anyway.

This is why I welcome the changes that the Internet has provided. It gives the chance for unknowns to get their work out there for the public to see without the help of the P’s. I am one who hopes that this continues and becomes the way it is done in the future, it is time the public should have the choice of what they want to read instead of the Publishing Companies deciding exactly what the public will read.

If you have worked hard on producing a book and can’t get one of the P’s to print it, then get online and submit your work into the arms of the Internet. Your potential audience is the whole world.

Original Author: Robert M Petrie Full Bio
Don’t leave it up to a Publisher to decide whether your work is good enough, you have a potential audience waiting. I have done just that, so you can check out my work at my blog Robert M

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