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The publishing industry is one that is based on great profits that can really discourage many aspiring authors. There are many publishers who choose manuscripts based on the fact that it has the most profit potential, where the quality of the work doesn’t even matter.

Any publisher will tell you about how tough the business of publishing really is. Most publishers will literally go through hundreds or even thousands of manuscript submissions a month. Most of the submissions are mediocre at best, which can get quite tiring to see, so finding that great gem is very important and special. Once they have found something that seems to have great potential, they try to determine how marketable it is. This is very important to do because of the fact that books will not necessarilly sell, even though they were published.

A publishing company will not run a business at a loss of profit. The industry would die an early grave if they did not consider marketability. This is precisely why most publishers will request certain genres or only look through the works that fit certain criteria for sales. Take for example mysetery and romance novels. These two are among the top novel genres that sell well since there is a great demand for them. One of the biggest downfalls for a business like publishing is the fact that most works will fit particular needs and take away from variety in the market.

There are some who believe that telling others that you are an author is a great way to impress them. While it may work in some cases, you should at least have something to show for it and not just talk about. If however you actually ever get around to writing a manuscript thick enough to produce a book, the next step would be to find a publisher. Just remember that publishers can be very harsh on people’s work, so certainly hope for the best but prepare yourself for the worst. There is a chance that your work will remain unpublished for several years or even forever if you do not stick behind your work.

This is because anybody can think of a good book idea, but only a few can actually write the book that begun from the seed of a good book idea. Even lesser people still can write interesting and readable books that begun from the seed of a good book idea.

Though ideas and writing are quite possible, it’s the publishing stage that gets really tough for new authors.

It’s important to remember that publishers have made many monumental mistakes in the past, especially on which manuscripts to publish or reject. One of the most famous and profitable books of our time was in fact rejected several times before getting published. The author was J.K. Rowling and the book was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. So if your work isn’t accepted immediately by some publishers, keep that fact in mind. There could be many publishers who reject your hard work, but all you need is that one publisher to see your works potential.

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