Reviewing Publish Sync

In the world of today, social media sites have become “the place to be” for brands, both personal and business ones. This is where the people are, and this is where they’re interacting with other people, businesses, and companies. It has become a new way of communication, a new way of expressing yourself online, and a new way of reaching out to others. And yes, if you still haven’t utilized these sites for your brand, then you’re going to be left behind… big time.

If you want to keep up with the trends, then you probably have to have an account in most of these social networking platforms. And you should update them regularly, since what’s the use of having these accounts if you’re planning to update them only once or twice a month, right?

Save yourself time
There are times when you would like to post the same thing to all your different social media accounts, which can be a hassle when you think about having to log in to three or four different sites just to enter the same thing. And this leads us to an excellent tool that you can use – Publish Sync.

Wouldn’t it be extremely convenient for you to just log into one site and immediately enable your updates to be posted in your different social media accounts? This is what Publish Sync gives you the ability to do. This is an extension for your Google Chrome browser that enables you to simultaneously post in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Plurk. You can post updates, articles, pictures, videos, and links.

What it does is that it adds checkboxes for these four sites on each network’s page, so that whenever you plan to post on one of them, you can simply check the boxes of the sites where you want the post to appear as well. So whether you’re on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter, just checking the boxes before you post will automatically update the other sites as well.

It’s a really nice tool that is helpful in saving you time and effort. After all, it can be a pain having to update all your social media accounts one-by-one when you’re planning on saying the same thing. With Publish Sync, you don’t have to, since the application does it for you. Honestly, who enjoys uploading the same pictures or videos in different sites just so everyone gets to see them?

Of course, no tool is perfect, and Publish Sync still has room for improvement. One complaint of people is the fact that when you post a long update in Facebook or Google+ and then want to post the same in Twitter, it cuts off at 140 characters and doesn’t offer a link to the whole post. So users should be aware of this, that posting long entries may not work so well when they’re posting it simultaneously on Twitter as well.

But generally, this is definitely a great tool that many people are raving about. It definitely makes it convenient for users to post similar updates automatically. So if you often post the same thing across different social media platforms, then Publish Sync is the perfect tool for you.

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