Online Book Publisher: Advantages of Online Publishing

Writing a book is an accomplishment and authors are always eager to get their works published and delivered to the market for readers. They are happy to see their books being reviewed by people and copies being sold in the bookstalls. An author can choose to get his work published and distributed by a traditional publisher or approach an online book publisher for the same. The latter is a new entry in the publication industry but online publication houses have made deep inroads in the industry.

What are the benefits of hiring an online book publisher?

Online publishing house works in close association with authors. Writers have the final say in the layout and content presentation of their works. It is the writer who chooses the interior design and exterior look of his work. In short, Internet printer makes the author in-charge of work. This kind of facility is not provided by traditional printers, who make writers to accept their design and layout.

With Internet printing, author keeps all the rights. The author is free to take his work to anywhere for more exposure. He can choose any method to highlight his work. Since he is creator, he is provided all the rights by the Internet printing company. But a traditional printer doesn’t allow the writers to enjoy full rights over their works.

Online book publisher offers lucrative royalties. An author can expect at least 50% royalty on all retails and 25% on wholesale. A writer deserves maximum royalty because he has put his best in writing books. A printer can’t claim the royalty merely because it has printed a work. Internet printing companies offer highest royalty in comparison to conventional printers.

Another advantage of using an Internet printing company is that it doesn’t ask for yearly fee for keeping a work. On the other hand, traditional printers charge an annual amount from authors for keeping their works with them. Also the conventional printers make authors to accept long term contracts but an Internet printer gives the authors free hand when making contracts.

One thing that places online book publisher over their traditional counterparts is its marketing strategy. Internet printer uses online marketing to promote its products. It takes much pain in promoting books online. It makes websites for books and writes press releases for their promotion. Also it approaches book reviewers and pursues them to review the books. Traditional publishers would never take this much pain.

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