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Do you have a business where you are trying to establish yourself as an expert on a specific topic? Self-Publishing a book is a great way to market your core business. In the old days self-publishing was very expensive and a long drawn out process that never earned back what it cost. The book produced was still a great calling card, but whether the cost was worth it or not is still a matter of discussion. Now, enter self-publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the publishing paradigm has changed. It’s only going to snowball from here eventually pushing out traditional publishing completely. How long it will take, no one knows, but there are estimates that traditional publishing will be dead within a decade.

Outside of the discussion of whether this new model is pushing prices down and hurting writers, there is the exciting idea of pushing the middle man out of the publishing industry and putting the power back into the hands of writers and fans, is a good thing for everyone. The first step is being realistic about the traditional publishing industry. Writers, unless already famous, rarely without the help of Oprah’s Book Club go from a nobody to a rich author overnight. The earnings of writers is actually very low.

But, all that is changing with Kindle and the Nook. Now writers can control the entire process from start to finish, including the price they charge and how much they make on each book. Usually, writers are lucky to make 20% off each cover cost and they usually have to pay back their advances before seeing a true return on their efforts. Yes, it’s true that publishing houses provide editors and expert cover artists, but one myth is that they also provide marketing, but the truth is that they might not provide marketing and in fact, most of the time they don’t. So, your traditionally published book can still be a great calling card for your business, but what if you could have a great calling card, but one that earned money instead of costing money?

Publishing eBooks on Kindle and the Nook is your answer to your marketing prayers. The trick is to ensure that you have great content, an awesome cover, and price your book correctly. Knowing how little a writer really makes via traditional methods can help you ease your mind about lowering the price of your eBooks on Kindle and the Nook to less than 3 dollars. Usually $2. 99 is a great price to charge for your eBook. You still make more per book sold because both Amazon and Barnes & Noble give great royalties up to 70 percent instead of less than 20 percent that traditional publishers offer. 70 percent of 2. 99 is more than 20 percent of 5. 99 or 9. 99 which many eBooks are sold for on Amazon. com.

Growing your business with Kindle and Nook publishing can be an exciting way to get paid for marketing your core business. Ensure that each book has information about your business inside, and even right on the cover, and in the descriptions of what’s inside. Even people who don’t purchase the book may check out your business via this information. By using your Kindle eBooks and Nook eBooks as a way to gain credibility within your market you’ll get more visibility, more sales, and more clients.

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