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If you’re considering publishing a book for Kindle, a good place to start in your preparation is to read three books published about this subject. The books have a nice progression from the basic level to more sophisticated techniques to make your book stand out. Beginning with the most basic book, the would be publisher will be able to create a book suitable for publication suitable for viewing with a Kindle or other eBook reader.

The first, and least expensive, is “Making a eBook for the Amazon Kindle with MOBIPOCKET Creator” by MobiPocketGrrl. The books begins with a description of the free Mobipocket Creator with instructions on downloading and installation. The html file and cover image are created and there are good screen shots on how to upload them. Instructions on creating a simple table of contents with subheadings if desired are included along with the necessary meta data settings. Next are step by step instructions for building the publication. Again, good screenshots which are very helpful. After building the file, the book might be viewed with mobipocket reader. If everything looks good you’re then led through the process of creating an Amazon publisher account and uploading the book for sale.

The second book recommended is “Publish Your Book on the Amazon Kindle” by Michael R. Hicks. This book goes into more detail on fonts, html, a more sophisticated table of contents, etc. The author also compares the merits of preparing the publication file on mobipocket versus more reliance on Amazon’s Data Text Platform. As with any book of this type, you may read the standard criticism that most of this information might be found for free online. True, but the advantage of having the information presented in a logical, organized format with clarifications of the more complex issues is well worth the price of the book.

Kindle Formatting – The Complete Guide by Joshua Tallent is accurately described by its title. This is a complete guide to the more complex issues involved in formatting the html to be used in the build process. Tallent has published books and has been active in the forums and as a consultant in assisting other publishers in creating a polished end product. His willingness to share in the forum discussions is often noted. Through this work, he has gained broad exposure and experience in producing efficient solutions.

There is always more to learn in any area of study but these three books will certainly move you well along the road of digital publishing.

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