Customer Relations

Business owners are having a difficult time more than ever in acquiring customers. With the flooding of products and services in the market, consumers are finding it hard to make a selection. If you happen to be competing for the same product line, your only hope lies in the management and quality of relationship you have with your customer or customer relations through the use of CRM Software.

The biggest challenge for any business owner is still getting a fraction out of the customer’s wallet. No matter how great your product or service is, convincing the buying public to select your product remains a big challenge. Either it’s lack of budget, functionality or features. This is where customer relations management plays a key role. Having the edge means establishing quality relationship with your customer. More and more business owners are realising that customer relationships is a serious issue and you should too, if you want to stay in the race.

Managing customer relations is no longer easy nowadays. Days are long gone when all it takes is spot the hottest leads and run for it, sit back and relax. The days when you can afford letting go of less-inclined to buy prospects are long gone. The use of a simple notebook or Excel spreadsheet for your leads list is now passe.

Today, customer relations management is part of mostly all business owner’s strategic plan. Central to managing customer relationships is CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software. Today, CRM is no longer a luxury but a must to remain in business.

Having a Customer Relationship Management or CRM is very useful when it comes to building customer relations in terms of leads list, emails, handling contacts and in assessing marketing campaign results. Information in your CRM Software is utilised to create a customer profile necessary to guide you on how to go about with future dealings. Winning the customer game in any business, small or large, is made easier with tools like CRM Software. Understanding your customers help build a stronger relationship and win their hearts and wallets amidst this competitive world.

Levelling up your customer relations means being exceptional on your services. Once you’ve blown your chance with a customer, second chances are almost nil. Therefore, ensure that all your customer dealings should be delivered with exceptional customer service. This can be done by:

1. Avoiding stock responses – Don’t simply talk. Converse with your customers. Delivering canned responses sounds impersonal and makes your customer feel stupid.

2. Make sure the conversation ends on a high note – Always leave your customers with the belief that resolution is on its way right this minute. As the saying goes, ‘less talk, less mistakes’. Once you’ve assured your customer that you are giving a solution, refrain from non-sense talking. Make customers remember your last words with the best thought possible.

3. Magnify courtesy – Show excellent customer service manners and proper decorum in ways that can be seen, heard and felt by your customers. Customers should be treated nicely and should never be reprimanded for whatever reason. Review your emails three times before sending it to check for inappropriate wordings.

4. Acknowledge complaints – Be a good listener. Once they have said their piece, assure your customers that you’ve worked out a solution to their problem. More often, the issue is something that you can resolve. However, keep in mind to always provide them with the results that they want and not something that you thought they wanted.

Customer may not always be right but if you want your customers to avail of your service again, as well as recommend you to others, be sure to handle the complaints and problems properly. A satisfied customer will spread the word how wonderful your service is.

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