Who can forget stories like The Wizard of Oz and How the Grinch Stole Christmas? The children’s books genre has many timeless tales to boast about. If you want to join the likes of Dr. Suess and Don Freeman, it would be wise to learn about children’s book publishers.


Young people explore the world through books. Most publishers accept fairy tales and fables, picture books, comics, fantasy fiction and novels for youngsters. Still others publish cook books and poetry in addition to experimental literature.


Children’s book publishers are in constant search of innovative ideas which are creatively appealing. Books of this genre generally have a strong moral sensibility and promote values like honesty and kindness.

Though stories for children are make-believe, they ought to be simple. The writer’s tone must resonate with the targeted age group. Characters like Dora and Noddy are extremely popular with kids these days. While Barbie books and Disney have dominated the field for a while now, children’s book publishers welcome fresh entrants in the market.


The new market trend for accepted contributions is short stories about mythical creatures and stories about animals. However, children’s book publishers are primarily concerned with the marketability of a book; so if you have an idea that can appeal to the masses and you can pen it down properly, you’re good to go.


Children’s book publishers prefer works that can sell internationally, too. The internet is a great resource; not only can you find suitable publishers and study their submission guidelines, but you can also get tips to improve your work on the web. In fact you will also find various NGO and writers’ support groups that serve as a global network for the exchange of knowledge between writers, publishers and illustrators etc.


Writer’s Digest is the number one guide to better writing; the publication also offers The Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market which lists major children’s book publishers and numerous publishing opportunities.

Books for children are a key genre in the Indian literary market. However, most traditional publishers take months to consider proposals and respond. When you send your manuscript across, adhere to the publisher’s policy; some publishers will not evaluate your material if it has also been submitted to another publisher.


You should select a children’s book publisher who will respond to you in four to six weeks, ideally. Remember that parents and guardians make the actual purchase; your book should impress the children and convince the parents.

Although rejection is a possibility, if your work is memorable, you’ve got little to worry about. Children’s book publishers are as much in need of you as you are of them. Last but definitely not the least, have fun when you write; if you enjoy writing it the children will enjoy reading it.

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Children’s book publishers are in constant search of innovative ideas which are creatively appealing. Books of this genre generally have a strong moral sensibility and promote values like honesty and kindness.

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