Knowing something about marketing makes it even more annoying to see other marketers shooting themselves in the foot. With this blog maybe I can help some of them—and their customers.

My degree is in journalism. I spent four years studying research on marketing newspapers and magazines—what works, and what doesn’t.

There is actually quite a lot of scientific data on marketing, on how people read and what moves them. Newspapers were among the first to sponsor market research and psychological research on what causes people to buy—and why.

I started my professional career in book publishing, which is pure marketing. You select a property (a book manuscript) that you think will sell, and then you change it and package it as necessary to appeal to the right market.

I went on to be an account executive for Hill & Knowlton (an old and prestigious PR firm), an advertising manager, a copywriter, an advertising and PR consultant, an advertising account exec, and later the corporate communication manager for a software publisher. 

Over the years, I have consulted on new product launches, software commercialization, corporate identity, publicity, and marketing. I’ve written business plans for start-ups, catalogs, brochures, product support plans, customer training plans, and on and on…

As a copywriter I learned to retain the customer’s point of view even while selling my client’s message. I even spent some hands-on time in retailing.

So I know a bit about marketing. And as a customer I am often irritated (and sometimes appalled) by the way marketers (especially Internet marketers) present their message and treat their customers. They often seem not to get the customer’s viewpoint at all. Maybe it never occurs to them.

So if you are a marketer, whether on line or off, maybe some of my marketing snarks will help you get and keep more customers. I hope so. 

Meanwhile I get to snark about whatever irritates me about marketers, small to gigantic, and the customer experience they provide. 

I hope this turns into a conversation. If you have a good explanation for things that seem indefensible to me, I would love to hear it. Feel free to comment anytime.


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