Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers

Publishing in the 21st century is a rapidly changing business, and this highly readable and comprehensive reference covers it all: editorial acquisition and process, the importance of metadata, operations procedures, financial benchmarks and methods, and personnel management as well as product development, production, and sales and marketing. Written for the practicing professional just starting out or looking to learn new tricks of the trade, as well as self-publishers who want to understand the industry, this revised and expanded fifth edition contains updated industry statistics and benchmark figures, features up-to-date strategies for creating new revenue streams, approaches to online marketing and sales, key concepts of e-book publishing, and provides new information about using financial information to make key management decisions. A new title P & L that incorporates e-books is provided. Over 30 highly practical forms and sample contracts are also included for up-to-the-minute advice.

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The Book Selling Strategy That Works: The book marketing and promotion methods that got me better results – These methods sell more books than any others … (How to Write a Book and Sell It Series 9)

Fed up with getting poor book sales? Find out what works.

This is really eye opening. Out of everything I’ve tried, these are the methods I’ve found to give me the best results.

I got a lot of sales in the beginning. However, after certain Amazon changes, results had slowed. I guess you have noticed the same.

After a lot of learning and testing, I made some discoveries that have given really startling results.

I now get good sales results again. Although I am yet to apply these discoveries to all my books, the few I have applied this to are doing a lot better. The one where I have applied everything to consistently remains within the top best-sellers of its category.

You need all the ingredients to make this work. You will need to have a product that gets the sale and effective methods of getting a consistent large crowd of eyeballs.

You will learn what really does make a book sell itself and the most effective ways to get buyers.

You will discover…

The way to make your book the one that readers choose.

The very best sources of book content.

The very effective formula and models that create book titles proven to get the most sales.

The type of cover that sells the best.

My proven three step formula that creates book descriptions that have given me the best results.

The special extras that have always created a spike in book sales.

The best way of all to choose the right categories that get your book seen.

The net that massively improves your exposure.

Much better results from free promotions using a two step method I discovered by accident.

The irresistible sentence that really does boost book sales.

The way to work with authors that has really made a big difference to sales.

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk!

There are laws of nature, so why shouldn’t there be laws of marketing?

As Al Ries and Jack Trout—the world-renowned marketing consultants and bestselling authors of Positioning—note, you can build an impressive airplane, but it will never leave the ground if you ignore the laws of physics, especially gravity. Why then, they ask, shouldn’t there also be laws of marketing that must be followed to launch and maintain winning brands? In The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Ries and Trout offer a compendium of twenty-two innovative rules for understanding and succeeding in the international marketplace. From the Law of Leadership, to The Law of the Category, to The Law of the Mind, these valuable insights stand the test of time and present a clear path to successful products. Violate them at your own risk.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Apple iBook 12.1″ G4 (1.33 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Combo Drive, OS 10.4.11)

Pre-Owned iBook G4 1.33 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 40 GB internal drive, internal Combo Drive, internal 56k modem, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth installed, 12.1″ TFT display, OS CD is not included, OS 10.4.11 installed

Product Features

  • 512 MB of RAM and 40 GB hard drive
  • Internal DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive
  • Airport Extreme and Bluetooth installed
  • OS 10.4.11 installed (OS CD not included)
  • 12.1″ 24-bit SVGA (1024 x 768) color active matrix, resolution scaling for 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 modes

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Murder on the Page (Cozy Murder Mystery) (Harley Hill Mysteries Book 2)

Get the first book: Murder on the Hill for just 99c!

Murder on the Page: A Harley Hill cozy mystery.

London’s newest sleuth, Harley Hill, has found a new identity. Where once she was an orphan and a rogue, now she’s a partner in the Silvers & Hill Finding Agency, and her first full case will test her to her limits.

When Harley and her partner Cordelia are tasked to find a rare diary belonging to Queen Elizabeth’s closet confident, John Dee, they think it will be a routine case. But before they start their investigation into this ‘Doomsday Diary’ they discover a murder!

And worse: the victim was the key to finding this book whose secrets threaten to bring down the monarchy and the establishment. Harley, along with Cordelia and Monty the cat, will have to go to the very root of power in London if they’re to find the murderer—and the Doomsday Diary. But as they dig deeper, they risk becoming the next victims.

(These books can be read in any order as each is a standalone although readers will see more of an arc of the characters over the course of the series but it’s not critical to read them in order.)

“Fast paced, gripping, entertaining… I’m finding it hard to find more superlatives for this wonderful women sleuth murder mystery story. Harley Hill is the new Stephanie Plum.”

File Under: Women Sleuths, Cozy Mystery, Romantic Mystery, Murder Mystery, Contemporary cozy.

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Amazon Gift Card – Facebook – Happy Mother’s Day (Flowers)

Product Features

  • Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.
  • Multiple gift card designs and denominations to choose from.
  • Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at or certain affiliated websites.
  • Print immediately from your home or office.

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Faster Facebook

Product Features

  • News Feed by one click
  • Pull to refresh
  • Notificetion
  • Online Friends
  • Message

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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business (Ultimate Series)

How To Get Connected with More than 300 Million Customers

This popular title delivers an in-depth guide to targeting, reaching, and gaining ideal customers using the latest updates on LinkedIn. LinkedIn expert Ted Prodromou offers a wealth of no- or low-cost methods for maximizing this dynamic resource. Following his lead, readers learn to link with the most effective connections for greater exposure.

Updates in this edition include:
Staying up-to-date with LinkedIn Contacts, Pulse, and Publisher programs
Expansion of premium accounts to help optimize business profiles, stand out in search results, and track impact
How to implement new features like Showcase and Company Updates pages for extended presence in newsfeeds and with followers
Smarter LinkedIn Search that saves time and money with customized, comprehensive results

Other important topics covered include:
Techniques and tips to easily navigate LinkedIn’s interface
Time saving tips on finding and matching data from businesses and people
Expert guidance on super-charging a business or individual profile
Insider advice on getting found through LinkedIn and maximizing search
Professional instruction on promoting a LinkedIn profile

The latest information is illustrated with current snapshots, fresh examples, and case studies, along with new techniques to easily maneuver LinkedIn’s interface.

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Twitter: 25 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business: Get Twitter Followers Who Become Your Customers (Twitter For Business, Twitter … Twitter For Dummies, How To User Twitter)

Twitter For Business

Twitter Marketing Guide

Get Twitter Followers Who Buy From You

Twitter Marketing In Combination With Your Social Media Strategy For Business

Use The Power of Twitter To Attract Customers

Maybe you just don’t know how to get started on Twitter, or what to do once you have. I’ve put this book together to give you some actionable, powerful tips to make the most out of marketing and selling on Twitter. I’m going to show you how to build a great profile, connect with your customers, participate in the community, find opportunities to branch out, and network effectively.

In the first chapter, “Build Your Profile”, I’ll be teaching you about what it takes to make a proper Twitter profile, and giving you some examples that I consider to be very well done. Every facet of building a profile from choosing your avatar to setting backgrounds and colors will be covered here, as well as techniques to make a proper introduction.

In Chapter 2, “Link Up!”, you’ll learn about connecting various services, maximizing your exposure. Methods for (sanely) working around the 140 character limit will be discussed, along with tips to leverage pre-existing connections. I’ll also give you some quick and easy tips about tweet construction to lead customers to your product pages, and introduce the concept of “retweeting”– something that seems simple, but can be an extraordinarily powerful tool.

Chapter 3, “Find Your Peers”, might be the most important chapter in this book for a business owner just starting out. Inside, I lay out the concrete, proven process to finding and keeping connections with both your fellow business owners and your customers. I’ll be covering the unique ways that Twitter enables businesses to interact with their customers, as well as cross-company promotion opportunities.

The fourth chapter is just as important in my opinion, though. “Meaningful Interaction” is about exactly what it seems to be– interacting with Twitter users in a relevant, reasonable, and exciting way. I’ll go more in-depth about the various functions of the platform, including the retweet, @, and direct message. I’ll also be talking about the importance of tone on Twitter, and how to avoid nasty pitfalls that could damage your brand and thereby your chances at success.

The points contained in Chapter 5, “Market Effectively”, are a little more broad than those in other chapters (with one exception). I’ll be talking a little more generally about what makes a good marketing strategy, and how those lessons can be applied on Twitter specifically. The one Twitter-exclusive point deals with promoting your tweets, but many platforms have an equivalent function.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about creating a powerful profile
  • Important things to remember when creating your Twitter handle
  • What type of photo and background to use for your profile
  • Why proper introduction helps you get followers quickly
  • Cross promotion between various social media platforms
  • Correctly using built-in link shortener to promote your products or services
  • Why a blogpost account can help you Twitter account
  • Leveraging your existing contacts and power of retweets
  • How to find your target customers
  • A solid under utilized way to find new potential customers
  • How karma works on Twitter
  • And much much more
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Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps (Authors’ Social Media Mastery Series)

Use Twitter to easily and effectively reach your readers!

Successful writers take responsibility for marketing their own work. Social media, including Twitter, can be amazing tools. But how do you get started and use Twitter productively without wasting valuable writing time?

In Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps Ruth L. Snyder explains the benefits of Twitter for writers and leads you step by step through the process of setting up an effective account. Using this manual, you’ll learn the lingo, find your way around the Twitter dashboard, and start building relationships with your worldwide audience. You’ll also discover many tips and tricks to engage your audience and build a solid marketing platform in minutes a day.

This is the first book in the Authors’ Social Media Mastery Series on Twitter. Once you master the essentials, you’ll want to move on to the intermediate and advanced steps to enhance your skills, sharing your writing with more readers.

Get started on Twitter today!

What people are saying about the book:

-A great, quick read with TONS of resources. Marie Cole

-Well done! I can see how these techie help books may open doors to our ‘heart’ writing later on down the path. Melanie Fischer, Authorpreneur

-Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps is an excellent how-to guide for Twitter newbies, or those who use Twitter but don’t quite “get” it. The book is to the point (like Twitter!), very practical and helpful. Beth Jones, International Speaker/Author of The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes

-Great stuff! Many people will benefit from this resource. Kimberley Payne

-Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps is written in clear, concise language. Although it’s very basic, I discovered new concepts throughout the book. I recommend this helpful book. Elma Schemenauer, Author of many books including Consider the Sunflowers.

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