Online Income: Using Kindle Publishing As An Online Business: A Beginners Guide to Making Passive Income Online (online business ideas, online income streams, … business startup, how to make money online)

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Do you want to create another income stream? Are you wondering how to make money online? Have you always wanted to start a business but didn’t think you had the capital to start? Are you intrigued at the thought of making online income and having multiple online income streams but don’t know where to look?

Well, now your search is over! With “Using Kindle Publishing As An Online Business: A Beginners Guide to Making Passive Income Online,” you’ll learn everything you need to answer all your questions about how to make money online, how to start a new business, and what platform to use as an online business.

Kindle publishing is one of the best online business ideas and is a great launching spot for anyone who wants to build an online business startup. The process is simple, straightforward, and once you learn it, all you have to do is repeat it over and over to make more money!

In this book you’ll learn the essentials of what you need to know to get started as a Kindle publisher. If you want to know whether Kindle publishing is for you, you’ll find that out in the introduction, so you don’t waste your time. Do you want to know why Kindle publishing is one of the best online business models? You’ll discover them all in chapter 1.
Then you’ll learn the most important part of Kindle publishing: how to do it! The last chapters walk you through the pre-production, production, and marketing process so you have a solid understanding of what you need to do to have a successful book published on Amazon.

Here is a preview of what you will read:

  • Introduction: Who is Kindle Publishing For?
  • Chapter 1: Why Choose Kindle Publishing As An Online Business?
  • Chapter 2: How Kindle Publishing Works and How You Make Passive Income
  • Chapter 3: The Pre-Production Process-The Two Most Important Steps to Making Money with Kindle Publishing
  • Chapter 4: The Production Process-How to Create and Produce Your First Book
  • Chapter 5: Publishing Your First Book On the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform
  • Chapter 6: Marketing You First Book and Getting Sales!

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How I Sold 80,000 Books: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers)

“Probably the best and most comprehensive one-stop guide I have seen.” Rick DeStefanis, Award-Winning Author of “The Gomorrah Principle” EXPANDED, UPDATED 2016 EDITION. If you plan on self-publishing through Amazon (or have already self-published) and you are looking for book marketing tips, “How I Sold 80,000 Books” is for you. The book will show you all the steps needed to get readers, the type of book marketing for authors that works, kindle publishing guidelines and best practices. Author marketing is something that can be learnt. In this guide you will find my “4Ps” system, which allowed me to sell 80,000 books. Alinka is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help authors in whatever way she can. I highly recommend this little gem of a book! Patti Tingen, Award-Winning Inspirational Author “How I Sold 80,000 Books” by Alinka Rutkowska covers it all from web page to social media to promotion, sales and everything in between. Mary Adair, Award-Winning Author of Native American Romance Novels The links included in the book are like gold dust, and you will find yourself watching/reading them over and over again as you forge your way through the publishing world. I only wish that I’d had access to this when I first started out. It would have saved me months of work. Lyneal Jenkins, International Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author Scroll up to grab your copy!

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Book Promotion 365: How to reach readers and share your work with the world

You wrote and published a book, now what? How do you reach readers?

With so many books filling the digital marketplace and bookstore shelf space, it’s often not quite enough to put forth our best work and launch, hoping we’ll see our name on the bestseller list. More often than not, it falls to the author to take action and steadily build an audience. Your novel didn’t write itself, nor will it land in the hands of readers without some effort.

Book Promotion 365 is about making daily choices to build your dreams into reality. You’ll dig down and identify whom you are as a writer, your goals, and create a plan to move forward as a self-published or traditionally published author of fiction in the digital age. The book promotion practices presented will also help you connect with readers and transform your writing life.

You’ll learn how to best serve your readership and promote your book with authenticity, make meaningful connections, and generously add value by forming new ways of thinking about promotion that will set you up to reach readers over time. There’s no magic formula for success, but if you’re ready to share your work with the world and be your own promo fairy, consider this book your wand.

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The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

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Contagious: Why Things Catch On

The New York Times bestseller that explains why certain products and ideas become popular. “Jonah Berger knows more about what makes information ‘go viral’ than anyone in the world” (Daniel Gilbert, author of the bestseller Stumbling on Happiness).

What makes things popular? If you said advertising, think again. People don’t listen to advertisements, they listen to their peers. But why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral?

Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger has spent the last decade answering these questions. He’s studied why New York Times articles make the paper’s own Most E-mailed list, why products get word of mouth, and how social influence shapes everything from the cars we buy to the clothes we wear to the names we give our children.

In Contagious, Berger reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos. Learn how a luxury steakhouse found popularity through the lowly cheesesteak, why anti-drug commercials might have actually increased drug use, and why more than 200 million consumers shared a video about one of the most seemingly boring products there is: a blender.

Contagious provides a set of specific, actionable techniques for helping information spread—for designing messages, advertisements, and content that people will share. Whether you’re a manager at a big company, a small business owner trying to boost awareness, a politician running for office, or a health official trying to get the word out, Contagious will show you how to make your product or idea catch on.

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Facebook: Master Facebook Marketing – Facebook Advertising, Small Business & Branding (Facebook, Social Media, Small Business)

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LinkedIn: 30 Highly Effective Strategies for Attracting Recruiters and Employers to Your LinkedIn Profile (Resume, Profile Hacks, Stand Out, Cover Letter, Career)

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Land the Job of Your Dreams!

Most working professionals will have already heard of the LinkedIn social network. What most people are unaware of however, is the power of the platform itself. If used correctly, you can be working for your dream company in no time at all.
Fortune 500 companies recruit directly from LinkedIn, as do recruiters and hiring managers. This is testament to the power of the platform and the reason why you NEED this book.
Many people underestimate the power of LinkedIn, but with these strategies you will get the recognition you deserve and land the job of your dreams!

In this book you will learn:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • How To Use Your “Connections” to Find a Job
  • Attracting The Attention of Directors/CEO’s and Recruiters
  • Making New Connections
  • The LinkedIn Job Board
  • Using Your Alumni To Your Advantage
  • and much more!
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    Tags: Career, CV, Resume, Cover Letter

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Twitter on FireTV

Product Features

  • Access to free live video, Timeline, Moments, Periscope and Vines
  • No authentication or account required

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Pinterest Marketing Workbook: How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Marketing Workbook 2016

Learn how to market your business on Pinterest for free

A best-selling Pinterest marketing book from a best-selling author on Internet marketing: Jason McDonald

Pinterest is a ‘must do’ social media for any marketer or businessperson in retail, do-it-yourself / crafts / hobbies, and/or the female shopping demographic. With its unique concept of ‘idea boards,’ Pinterest allows users to brainstorm ideas for their next camping trip, the ideal products to buy for their college dorm room or destination wedding, ways to be a better knitter, and even dog toys for their favorite black Labrador retriever, Buddy. By setting up a company Account on Pinterest, creating ‘idea boards’ that help your customers preview and pre-experience related products and services, and by being an active ‘Pinner’ of not only your own products but those of others… you can use Pinterest as the ideal social media to drive traffic to your eCommerce online store.

If you know how… Small businesses and large businesses alike can leverage Pinterest for amazing free marketing opportunities. Even better you can research Pinterest, discover it is NOT for your business, and sleep easy at night free from Pinterest GUILT, that nagging feeling that if you’re not “on” Pinterest, you’re missing out.

If you want to learn how to use Pinterest for business, this is your book.

With up-to-date information on how to market via Pinterest, the Pinterest Marketing Workbook includes

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – an easy explanation of what social media marketing really is, and how to “think” about social media marketing.
  • Pinterest MARKETING STEP-BY-STEP – an explanation of how Pinterest works as a marketing tool, how to research your competition on Pinterest, how to set up and optimize your business Pinterest account, and more. All in one easy-to-read Pinterest marketing book.
  • PINNING STRATEGY – how to brainstorm the best idea boards, how and what to pin and why.
  • FREE Pinterest TOOLS – as part of Jason’s SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLBOOK, you get complete access to not only FREE Pinterest tools but hundreds of FREE social media tools as well – a $29.99 value!

Pinterest Marketing Worksheets

This isn’t a fancy book. This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky Pinterest marketing book. This is a practical hands-on book, with links not only to free tools but to step-by-step worksheets. By the end of the book, you’ll have a Pinterest marketing plan ready for your business.

Got questions? Just Google Jason McDonald and send him an email – he’s happy to help.

About the Author

Author Jason McDonald has been active on the Internet since 1994 and has taught SEO, AdWords, and Social Media since 2009 – online, at Stanford University Continuing Studies, at both AcademyX and the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, at workshops, and in corporate trainings across these United States. His passion is to take complex marketing topics such as social media marketing and make them easy-to-understand for small business owners and marketers. His style is practical, hands-on, and fun. He received his Ph.D. in 1992 from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A. from Harvard University in 1985. When he’s not surfing the Internet, Jason can be found being trained by his black Lab, Buddy, across the highways and byways of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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