The LinkedIn Code: Unlock the largest online business social network to get leads, prospects & clients for B2B, professional services and sales & marketing pros

Discover How to Crack the LinkedIn Code

Not just another social network, LinkedIn is a powerful business-building tool to attract more leads and clients. In fact, this lead generating GOLD MINE is over 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media method.

If you’re in business, you NEED to be on LinkedIn. But you need to do it RIGHT – or you’ll spin your wheels and waste more time than it’s worth. The LinkedIn Code cuts right to the chase, providing you with all the tools you need to navigate the often confusing landscape of LinkedIn, so you can unlock the rich rewards it can bring to your business.

In The LinkedIn Code, award-winning social media expert Melonie Dodaro shows you how to:

  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile that is client-focused and speaks to your ideal prospects and clients
  • Get your profile to show up at the TOP of the LinkedIn search results, so prospects find YOU and not your competitors
  • Understand LinkedIn etiquette and best practices, so you can build relationships and avoid doing anything to damage your credibility
  • Generate leads using proven social selling techniques with a step-by-step lead generation plan that you can implement daily for maximum results in minimum time

The LinkedIn Code reveals the very same system developed and practiced by author Melonie Dodaro, who receives more than 70% of her leads from LinkedIn. Packed with daily and weekly checklists, example messages and case studies of professionals and companies that have seen a massive increase in revenue by following these exact principles, The LinkedIn Code is your key to cracking the secret of using LinkedIn for true business success.

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Facebook for Beginners: Navigating the Social Network

Navigating the waters of the social network known as Facebook has become commonplace for many folks these days. However, for those who are new to the social networking site, it can begin as a confusing and daunting experience. With Facebook for Beginners: Navigating the Social Network, you’ll learn just how simple it is to set up your own account, add pictures, share experiences, and interact with friends, family, and others!

How this guide will help you: Shelby Johnson has layed out this Facebook guide in an easy to understand format, covering all the basics (signing up, creating a profile, finding friends, messages) and even some extras (advertising, groups, fan pages), so that first time users on Facebook will be able to navigate the social network with ease!

This book was updated in September 2013 with all the latest details about Facebook!

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Facebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies

New to social media? This easy-to-use guide will get you started in no time!

Social media is a ton of fun, and this updated guide makes it easy to set up a Facebook or Twitter account to catch up with old friends, communicate with your family, and enjoy your online experience. Printed in large font for easy reading, this book offers hands-on guidance to connecting to the Internet with a computer or mobile device, creating social media accounts and profiles, searching for friends, joining groups, sharing photos and videos, and more.

If you’re one of the 100+ million seniors using Facebook or other social media sites, this 2nd Edition of Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies will take you through the entire process setting up your online accounts and taking full control over what you post and see on popular social media sites. It also covers popular sites where you can read and share opinions on entertainment and travel options, view movies and television shows on your computer or mobile device, and even create your own blog.

  • This Second Edition covers new social media options that weren’t previously available
  • Take the pain out of working with an Internet service provider, checking e-mail, and staying in touch with your mobile device
  • Make it easy to put your photos on Facebook, create a profile, connect with friends, and add other info
  • Learn how to share the latest updates on Twitter or search for exciting travel destinations on TripAdvisor

If you’re a senior looking for simple advice on how to use social media sites to strengthen your connection with loved ones—or to reconnect with friends from your past—this hands-on guide has you covered.

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Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal

A New York Times bestseller

Ev told Jack he had to “chill out” with the deluge of media he was doing. “It’s bad for the company,” Ev said. “It’s sending the wrong message.” Biz sat between them, watching like a spectator at a tennis match. “But I invented Twitter,” Jack said. “No, you didn’t invent Twitter,” Ev replied. “I didn’t invent Twitter either. Neither did Biz. People don’t invent things on the Internet. They simply expand on an idea that already exists.”

Despite all the coverage of Twitter’s rise, Nick Bilton of The New York Times is the first journalist to tell the full story—a gripping drama of betrayed friendships and highstakes power struggles. The four founders—Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Noah Glass—made a dizzyingly fast transition from ordinary engineers to wealthy celebrities. They fought each other bitterly for money, influence, publicity, and control as Twitter grew larger and more powerful. Ultimately they all lost their grip on it.

Bilton’s unprecedented access and exhaustive reporting have enabled him to write an intimate portrait of four friends who accidentally changed the world, and what they all learned along the way.

An Amazon Best Book of the Month, November 2013: Spoiler alert: The subtitle sorta says it all. That is, Nick Bilton’s Hatching Twitter delivers “A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal,” though not necessarily in that order. The book’s four central players–Ev, Jack, Biz, and Noah–conceived of Twitter while working on Odeo, an ultimately doomed attempt to revolutionize podcasting. As their little chick grew, the four men’s personal and ideological differences led to a power struggle that eventually left them all on the sidelines as a former stand-up comedian took Twitter into the uncertain future. Writing with the pacing and veracity of detail of a true-crime book, Bilton makes use of a trove of source material–from internal Twitter e-mails to extensive interviews with and early tweets by the founders themselves–and the result is as exciting and fast-paced as it is topically relevant. If you’re looking for a thoughtful rumination about Twitter as a revolutionary global communications platform, keep looking. If you’re looking for a quick, well-written, thoroughly researched human drama, the story of an utterly dysfunctional foursome and the accelerated unraveling of their once brilliant partnership, this is your book. #HighlyRecommended. –Jason Kirk (@brasswax)

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Social Networks – All in One

Product Features

  • Access almost all Social Networks through this app
  • No need to install tens of apps for each social network
  • Connect with your friends from different social media from this app
  • A must have all in one social network app

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All Social Networks

Product Features

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • Linkdin
  • Friendster
  • Snapchat
  • Bebo
  • Google
  • Qeep
  • Waplog
  • Orkut
  • Hi5
  • Habbo
  • Instagram
  • Tagged
  • Badoo
  • Blogger
  • Meetme
  • Meetup
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Skype
  • Tango-messenger
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Askfm

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Follow: (Social Media #1) (Volume 1)

More than 900 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon for the series!


I fuck them. I use them. I pay them off. I find another. My demands are never denied. My contracts are always signed. They submit to me. Willingly. Completely. Temporarily.

This is how it’s always been. Until I saw that filthy tweet.

@VaughnAsher My bare pussy. Your tongue. #ThingsIThinkAboutToGetOff

 ”FilthyBlueBird” thinks she can tease me with hashtags and then hide behind a Twitter handle? She thinks I wouldn’t be more than happy to #RockHerFilthyWorld?

She’s wrong. Her online fantasy is about to collide with her public reality, and it’s about to happen… now.



Reading Order

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Profile (Social Media) (Volume 5)

All the best fairytale princesses have the most horrific pasts. Mine just happens to be more horrific than most.

Fantasizing over Vaughn Asher was a dream. Meeting Vaughn Asher was a fairytale. Loving Vaughn Asher was my downfall.

The past is always there. Waiting. Waiting to expose you. Waiting to ruin you. Waiting to take you back.

Sometimes not even a prince can save you.

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Dear Coca-Cola: A Customer Relations Nightmare.

Putting pen to paper with hilarious results, in Dear Coca-Cola Terry Ravenscroft homes in on the Food & Drink industry. Household names such as Heinz, McDonalds, Tesco, Kentucky Fried Chicken and those wonderful people at Coca-Cola are the targets for his entertaining epistles, resulting in a laugh-out-loud letters book with a difference. Is he really a fan of Butcher’s Dog Food? (For him. not his dog.) And you really don’t want to know what he asks Jacob’s Biscuits for! But you will when you’ve read his letters to them. You will never look at the contents of your refrigerator or kitchen cupboards in the same way again.

Amazon Reader’s review -

“Do not read this book whilst holding a cold drink, a hot partner or anything squeezable. The genius of this man’s writing is a beautiful thing to read, dry, sharply observed and above all cheap as chips on kindle downloads. As funny as ‘Dear Air 2000’ but without the lasagne although you will never be able to look at Bisto gravy granules in quite the same way ever again. Whatever you do download this and help keep Terry Ravenscroft in Oxfam trousers and 2 bottles of white wine.” Lee Sylvester.

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Marketing Strategies To Facebook Advertising Success: Discover Facebook Marketing Secrets To Profitable Advertising Campaigns (Internet Marketing, PPC … Campaigns, Facebook For Business)

Discover Facebook Marketing Secrets To Profitable Advertising Campaigns

Introductory Sale: Download This Book For A Limited Time Discount Of Only $2.99! Save $4.00 (Regular Price $6.99)

If you want to tap into Facebook’s endless stream of traffic and capture your ideal customers at a profit then this will be the most important book you’ll read. Here’s why.

I struggled to get ads that would turn a profit. I used to pay way too much (without knowing) and wonder where my ad budget went. I’d wonder why I’d only get a few leads or only get leads that would not buy! It was heart-breaking to see campaign after campaign fail.

Luckily, I discovered little-known marketing strategies that finally lead to Facebook Advertising success.

There’s no need for crazy tricks that can get you banned or rules that are too hard to follow.

Instead, you’ll discover Facebook marketing secrets to create profitable advertising campaigns at will. And the good news is that this sustainable in the long-run.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside…

  • The two questions you must ask yourself to find out if you have a website optimized for conversions
  • The one disadvantage everyone will encounter when using Facebook Ads (and exactly what to do about it)
  • The sneaky trick to ethically steal your competitor’s best targeted traffic sources
  • The widely unknown tip to finding out how to target in on your ideal customer (it’s so blatantly obvious, yet no one uses it to their advantage)
  • The types of ads you should use if you want higher Click Through Rates
  • The one option you should not use even though Facebook encourages it
  • The two types of pictures that help generate higher Click Through Rates
  • The benchmarks for Click Through Rates
  • The one easy to do “photo manipulation” trick to get higher Click Through Rates
  • The one strategy only hardcore copywriters know when it comes to writing an irresistible headline
  • What to write in your body copy to boost your ad to sales letter relevancy
  • The uncommon Google strategy you should be using to find exactly which cities you should be targeting in your Facebook Ads
  • The bidding option you must avoid nearly 100% of the time
  • The free alert service to getting the latest online advertising strategies
  • And much, much more

Download Your Copy Now!

Discover uncommon Facebook marketing secrets to profitable advertising campaigns and Facebook Advertising success! Download this book now for a limited time, introductory sale of only $2.99! Save $4.00 (Regular Price: $6.99)

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